Virtual Beer Tasting Events with Bon Beer

Virtual Beer Tasting Events with
Bon Beer Voyage

Virtual Beer Tasting

What is Bon Beer Voyage?

Bon Beer Voyage is an award‐winning craft beer tourism and education company that  created Virtual Beer Tasting as the beer connoisseur’s answer to wine events. We are uniquely tapped into today’s craft beer consumer market with a 360‐degree view due to our carefully cultivated relationships in the industry and our unmatched background in both craft beer education and tourism. For more info, take a look at our website:

Feel free to call or email us with questions and or date requests for your custom event. You can reach us at 1-888-846-2337 or

What is a Cybeer Tasting?

Bon Beer Virtual Beer Tastings are the casual, fun and unique alternative to overplayed online wine tastings and “quarantini” happy hours. Our virtual beer tasting events range from relaxed, interactive, entertaining tastings of common beer styles, to more involved guided pairing events, i.e. beer and cheese or beer and chocolate pairing.

Each tasting event can be tailored to make sure the level of discussion and information offered is of interest and entertaining to all participants.  Our tastings are interactive, allowing attendees to ask questions and share their thoughts on the beers they are tasting. We discuss  interesting stories about the beers, how to serve, taste & enjoy different styles of beer, what types of flavors one might experience and/or what might pair well with a particular beer.  Our Virtual Beer Tastings even incorporate some trivia and prizes.  We present our beer tastings in a relaxed, entertaining fashion. Beer tasting is interesting, sure- but it should be fun as well!

We also offer options for pairing presentations, i.e. beer and cheese or beer and chocolate.

Our typical Cybeer tasting lasts about 1-1 ½ hours, but timing for private groups can be adjusted to meet the specific parameters of your particular meeting or event. Your hosts, Ruth Berman and Mike Arra, the co-founders of Bon Beer Voyage, have been teaching beer tasting and sharing the fun and entertaining aspects of craft beer for years.  They now offer their online events to groups of all sizes as fundraisers, virtual happy hours, virtual trade show events, birthday parties or just a chance for companies of all sizes to virtually take their employees and/or clients out for drinks!

How Does a Virtual Beer Tasting Work?

We run our events via Zoom platform.  Registration can be offered directly with your guests, or through you, depending on your preference.  Typically, once a participant registers, (or you register for them) an email will be sent to the email address of the registration with info on the beer they should purchase/acquire for the tasting. A few days prior to the tasting, a link to the Zoom event will be sent out, along with optional tasting notes which may be printed out to use during class and/or kept for reference.

Where/How Do Our Guests Get Their Beer?

Depending on where you/your guests are located, there are a number of options you might offer/suggest. Regardless of how the guests obtain their beer, it is important to allow enough time for shipping or for guests purchasing their own products to find them at their local purveyor.

  • Guests can purchase beer individually and pick up at their local liquor store/beer shop
  • Guests can order online from their local (or not so local) shops and have beer delivered
  • You can have local shops or a liquor delivery service deliver beer to your guests
  • You can offer guests gift certificates for local beer shops/breweries etc. and/or send prepaid Visa, Amex etc. gift card to them to pay for their beer
  • LOOKING FOR AN ALL-INCLUSIVE EVENT? Ask us about custom tasting box options and delivery

Can We Use our Own (Company) Platform Instead of Zoom?

We like to offer as much customization as possible for our events. We have our information, i.e. backgrounds, additional photos or videos if applicable, polls and more already set up on our Zoom platform. If it is not possible to use this for whatever reason and we are using a new platform other than our own, we will need to train on your product in order to ensure the best possible delivery of our program and will have to charge for the extra time invested in this training. Either way, we are happy to work with you to decide on the best options to create a great experience for your group.

What Does a Private/Custom Cybeer Tasting Event Cost?

Our pricing is based on a number of factors, including the number of participants, time involved in set up and presentation, level of customization, and complexity of the event. Please contact us for pricing and date availability for your event.

A 6-Pack of Reasons to Partner with Us for Your Online Craft Beer Tasting Events

  1. Unique Customized Options for Your Virtual Meetings, Trade Shows and Events:  Our  Virtual Beer Tastings offer a casual, fun and unique alternative to overplayed wine tastings. We can adjust the content and tasting options of each Cybeer event to best suit your group.
  2. Memberships: Our industry affiliations allow us to tap into current industry trends. We are members of The Florida Brewers Guild, Brewer’s Association, World Food Travel Association, Pink Boots Society and North American Guild of Beer Writers.
  3. Experienced Beer Educators: For the last decade, our company has taught beer tasting at commercial locations such a World of Beer and Total Wine, as well as for private events. We added our online Cybeer tasting events back in February of this year and the adjustment to virtual has allowed us to offer a great program.
  4. A Trusted Source of Expertise: Chosen as Beer Experts for USA Today’s 10 Best Lists since 2014; Beer Tourism Panel presenter at the 2016 Beer Blogger’s Conference; Belgian Beer Tourism Seminar Presenter at 8th Annual North American Belgian Beer Festival; American Ambassador for Global Beer Toast for International Women’s Day; Guest expert on beer travel for various radio programs nationwide. Beer Tasting Class Instructor for World of Beer and Brass Tap as well as for private consult.
  5. Awards and Certifications: Two-time winner of The World Food Travel Association Food Trekking Awards; British Airways Opportunity Grant Winner; Listed in Top 100 Beer Blogs; Constant Contact All Star Award for monthly ‘brewsletter’. Certified Beer Server in the Cicerone Program; German Styles Specialist; American Styles Specialist.
  6. The Choice of Beer Aficionados & Industry Insiders: Selected by the founders of Beer Advocate, one of the top beer rating and information websites in the world, as well as by internationally renowned brewmasters, to craft and host their European Beercations.

Virtual Beer Tasting Events For:

  • Networking Events
  • Team Building
  • Client Outreach
  • Fundraisings
  • Virtual Conferences
  • Mixers
  • Product Launches
  • Holiday Parties
  • Birthdays/Anniversaries/Celebrations
  • Reunions

How Do I Arrange a Cybeer Tasting for My Group?

Looking for a Private Beercation? Look Here!

Looking for our twice a month Public Cybeer Tasting Class? Look Here!